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We can insert a pre made slideshow video or create a custom slideshow from photos. A pre made slideshow is often the slideshow played at visitation, or we will create a custom one from the photos you send us. Here are a few tips before you send us your media:

Pre Made: A pre made slideshow video can be in any video format.

Custom: Photos should be in JPEG format and the bigger the better. We will reduce size as needed but its much better to start with largest photo possible. If you would like your slideshow in a specific order, you must rename all the photos in the order you would like them. Photo #1 should be renamed 1.jpg, Photo #2 should be 2.jpg, etc. If your slideshow will be in random order you do not need to rename any photos.

Orientation: Your video will be in "widescreen" orientation, therefore your slideshow will also be in "widescreen". Horizontal photos, known as landscape, will fill the screen while vertical photos, known as portrait, will have sidebars.

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