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A few notes that may help plan your live stream:

We will show up at first location about an hour prior to start time for setup. For events that include multiple locations, we will need 10-15 minutes of break down, and 10-15 minutes to setup again at next location. This is typically enough time if we are live streaming a funeral mass and also at the cemetery. We will pause the live stream and exit the church the moment the funeral has ended and quickly head to the cemetery hoping to be setup prior to family and guests arrival.

Due to the nature and timelines of memorial services as well as Covid-19 recommendations, we can not use wireless microphones. Audio is typically not an issue for outdoor services, funeral homes and smaller venues, however large churches may produce a bit of an echo. There is also no way of avoiding or editing ambient background audio such as weather, wind, sirens, road noise, nearby construction, dogs barking etc.

Payment is expected at/on/by event date and we do have online options for convenience. Bringing a check to the event is perfectly fine, however I do suggest you prepare the check, put in an envelope and perhaps delegate the job of payment to someone who can seek us out for prior to the start. This is to hopefully avoid any awkwardness of payment on whats already a difficult day.

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