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Can you start prior to Ceremony Start time?

Of course! But first let me explain why I don't by default:


Typically, I recommend starting with the ceremony start time so we can capture most of the important events of your wedding day. Depending on the time-line, geography, commute, traffic and that I need to be at ceremony location 60 minutes prior to ceremony start time, an early start may not always be an ideal choice. The best case scenarios are when everything takes place in just one location, bridal preperations, ceremony and reception.

Lets create an example using a wedding day of 4:00-11:00 and ceremony start time of 4:00. Using 1:00 for bridal preparations, first look at 2:00, that's 3 hours used before the ceremony even starts. In this example, a 6 hour package would start at 1:00 and end at 7:00, and most likely missing out on some of the important reception events. If you started coverage with the 4:00 ceremony start time, the 6 hour package would end at 10:00 and only final hour of dancing is not captured. Also consider the size of the room that you will use for preparations, the people involved, the photographer, then add the videographer. In most videos that include bridal preparations, only a few minutes of footage is what is used for the edited video. This can even more tricky to schedule when there are different locations.

Its your wedding day and your video package, I am more than happy to discuss your timeline with you and provide the pros and cons of starting early to see if it works for you. For the best coverage value, we recommend starting your coverage time at the ceremony start time.

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