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Ok, you have received your online link and/or USB drive and wondering the best method to view on your big tv? Lets review...

Online Viewing: Lets start with your online experience. We have uploaded your wedding video and provided you a link to your video page on We HIGHLY recommend you create a FREE account with them so you can take ownership of your videos. This means that if we deleted our account, you would still have your account with your videos. You can share and download your videos direct from your Mediazilla video page. With your Mediazilla account, you can view on any web browser by logging in. This provides a very easy way to view on computers, laptops, Ipads, tablets and smart phones, provided they are connected to the internet and have a web browser. Mediazilla currently has 1 great app for the Apple TV device. Simply search the Apple TV App Store for Mediazilla, install and login. We are patiently awaiting the release of other Apps for other devices, but in the mean time, here are the best ways to view your Mediazilla online videos on a big screen:

  • Apple TV

  • Chromecast

  • Connect your laptop or device to TV via HDMI cable


USB Viewing: The files on your USB drive are intended for computer use, either PC or Mac. Simply insert the USB to your PC or Mac, double click the file and view. Most modern computers have the proper codecs to view video. If for some reason you are having trouble, download the FREE  VLC Media Player which is a free software that plays video files. (If you are experiencing video with no audio, the VLC Media Player should solve this issue).

Edited Video Files: Your 2 edited video files, typically labelled Sneak peek and Full Wedding Video,  are rendered in MP4 video format, the industry standard in video formats and is the most widely compatible format across devices.

Raw Video Files:  Your raw video files are in AVCHD/MT2S video format. This is the format our video cameras record with and offers the highest quality recording.


USB Format: Because of their large (often over 4gb) file sizes, all USB Flash drives are formatted in NTFS format


We HIGHLY recommend backing up your USB flash drive to a few different places, including another flash drive and computer. The safest method is to copy all files on flash drive to another flash drive and use those files as your viewing files, then put the original USB Flash drive in a safe place.

In recent years, more and more televisions are equipped with the technology to play USB drives, however most manufacturers differ on their compatibility. Unlike other technologies (think DVD players) there are no standards in the industry. A USB may work on the living room television but not the family room television, so its basically a try-it-and-see thing.  In a perfect world, you will insert your USB drive, set the TV's input to USB, select the video and play.

If not, don't panic just yet, there are still options.

Many HDMI media players with a USB port can play your videos on your HD television. Below are a few options that we have tested and should work perfectly:

Roku Ultra. The Roku Ultra is a great choice since it also has many built in apps for services like Netflix, etc. The Roku Ultra is feature packed and provides a USB port for USB drives.

Micca Speck. The Micca Speck is another great choice, however this is basically "just" a media player and does not have apps, etc. The Micca Speck provides a USB port for USB drives. This is a more economic choice.

Gaming Consoles. Any gamers in the house? Both the Xbox1 and the PS3 can play videos from a USB drive.

Mirroring. For the tech savvy crowd there is always mirroring. Both Mac (Airplay) and PC's (Chromecast) offer options regarding screen mirroring.

Laptop via HDMI. Of course the old standby works too, connect a laptop with an HDMI cable to view your computer screen on your television.


My flash drive is not working on my TV, what can I do?

First, try your flash drive in a computer or laptop. If the files play here, we now know its a TV issue. If your TV will not play your flash drive, we recommend the Roku Ultra or Micca Speck device. Both available on Amazon, simply connect to TV via HDMI and insert the USB Flash drive.

USB is just not a good solution for me, Can I get DVD or Blu ray?

Both DVD and Blu ray are a slowly dying media, however we can still create these discs. Your wedding was filmed in full HD but DVD does not display HD so you will not be viewing the best quality available to you. Blu ray does display HD and is a better choice. Many gaming consoles can play Blu ray and provides a good solution for those with these devices.

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