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Mini-Mony Live Stream


Coverage: Up to 2 continuous hours at one location.

Additional Hours: If you would like additional coverage time of wedding day.

Live Stream**: Live streaming from single camera*** in 720 HD with camera audio****

Digital Download:  Link provided after event for download.



Details & Info:


This package is designed for those mini ceremonies or smaller weddings impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic. This package includes video recording in full 1080 HD and simultaneously Live Streamed in 720 HD from the same pro video camera. The Video recording will be uploaded and link provided for downloading.


Fine Print & Disclaimers:



​Restrictions and Covid Protocols:

Mini-Mony packages must follow all current Covid event protocols. Any event not adhering to current Covid Protocols will result in termination of remaining package time.

**WiFi & Cellular Availability:

Live Streaming is dependent on internet availability. WiFi from location, if sufficient, is highly recommended and first choice. We have 2 different Hotspots, 1 from Verizon and 1 from AT&T. Unfortunately, if a location does not have a "good" WiFi signal, and we are unable to obtain a "good" cellular signal from either of our 2 hotpsots, Live Streaming will not be obtainable. This is why we are also video recording, as a backup if Live Streaming is not possible. If we can not Live Stream, there is no refund or rebate. The best way to think of this is that the video recording package is $600 and Live Streaming is free. This will appear in the contract and we try to make this as clear as possible.

***Single Camera:

Our live streams are single camera only. For "standard" videography, we often use 2 cameras and edit after wedding day, but with live streaming we can only use a single camera.


Live streaming audio is captured along with the video from the camera. We can attach a wireless audio recorder to the groom and mix the audio in, but this is done after the wedding. In some cases especially large "echoing" churches, the audio may not be heard very well, specifically the vows. Once we edit the video and mix in the audio from the grooms recorder, the audio should be dramatically improved.

Date Deadline:

This special is currently available for wedding dates prior to March 1, 2021.

Location: Locations outside 50 miles of Norwood MA be subject to travel fee.


Our Photo Booths are currently not available.


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